5 Reasons to Love Lyra

Whether you refer to it as lyra, hoop, or circle thing hanging from the sky, this apparatus is easily where I find home. I don't know how we ended up together or what ignited the spark, but I will never forget the first time we met. ;) 

I came into Fenyx because I was so intrigued by my friend and Fenyx Performing Arts performer, Sarah Sweet after seeing all of her baller instagram posts (seriously go check her out @sarahhhsweeet), and came in with the mind set of "okay I'm going to do silk things with my friend." I came and LOVED it but then.... I decided to venture out and at least try a lyra class just to see what it was like. GUYS WHAT EVEN IS LYRA. I cannot even explain the joy I found in the first class I took. So to sum up what mystical journey I am on with my favorite apparatus, here are 5 (not 13) reasons why I love the hoop. Enjoy. 

1. It's Not Silks 

Okay call me a baby if you want, but as a newbie silks can fatigue you really quickly. On the hoop there are more places to rest without coming out of the air while still being in a relatively cute pose. Don't get me wrong yal, silks are beautiful and so graceful but when I get tired, I am not. I'm just trying to keep it but do not for a second think you will not get tired. 


For some reason the fact that its a circle is absolutely gorgeous in its own way. Silks and Lyra can barley be compared since they are totally different in the aspects of material, but there is something about wrapping and holding your body around this hoop that can be so aesthetic and visually pleasing for yourself and your viewers. 

3. Who's to Say What's Up and Down?

For a metal object we decide to play on, there are endless possibilities which means it's extremely hard to run out of ideas. Am I finding my sitting position inside of the hoop? Or maybe on the very top? Theres no rules here! (unless its not safe, duh.)

4. It's Accommodating 

Come one, come all, because i've seen it all. For the reason of it being such a sturdy apparatus, most people who try can easily wrap themselves around the hoop compared to other apparatuses. But remember it's metal, and hurts so good at times ;)

5. It Never Feels Like a Workout

Class is over?? We've all had this thought a few times after getting to wrapped up (literally) in what we've just learned or conditioned. Yes you're tired and you're sweating but the passion keeps you going. Especially when you've just mastered a new skill. 

The hoop is rewarding, hurts in a good way, and has you leave the gym feeling like a beast... partly because you look like one with all of your new bruises (it's fine though.) I have never stepped into the gym and not touched our hoop. It is that addicting for me. I encourage you to try a class if you never have, you will not regret it!

Katye Cheatham