Get Ready for Flight Night!

The time has finally come for our favorite local aerial competition... Flight Night!!!! Come join us all at Fenyx Aerial Arts as most of us compete in multiple divisions and disciplines. There will also be a showcase portion where emerging artist get a chance to run their routines and see what (you) the crowd thinks! 

Flight Night will be held at Aerial Fitness Gym in Fulshear, TX. A lot of their incredibly talented athletes will also be participating which will surely be a treat! If you plan on attending the show, we recommend bringing cash for entry, which is only $10. Word on the street is that our very own child model/actor, Kage Collins, will be the one greeting you! We hope to see many of you there with your families and can't wait to see the performances all of the athletes bring to the stage. 

See you at Flight Night! 

Flight Night Details:

When: August 11, 2018 at 2:30

Where: Aerial Fitness 

11605 S Fry Rd Ste 105 Fulshear, TX

Cost: $10 a person